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 The Cat-Shack.Org, located next to Doggydo.Org, is a cat paradise that offers cozy individual quarters with fresh water, litter access, sleeping quarters and a play area.  In addition, the cat(s) will have time in the open area that includes stimulating cat scratchers and toys for your cat(s) to play with and hang around in.  Also for those cats that are allowed to go outside there is a secure outdoor enclosure for your cat(s) to enjoy and experience some fresh air while doing some bird watching.  


Being that the is also the Melissa's residence, guests will get the added benefit of being around a person that absolutely loves, understands and adores cats.  She will get to know your cat’s personality and temperment leading to a stress free visit.  You will feel at ease when you have to leave your feline friend as your cat is in a safe, clean and loving home environment.
 is located approximately 8 minutes outside of Courtenay at 4674 Forbidden Plateau Road. Cat delivery/pick up times are by appointment only. If you are interested in making a reservation or viewing our location, please email us at